Right now we are at the start of the proposal process. David LeVan has to begin with Freedom Township in Adams County. Freedom Township's Mixed Use Zoning provides for houses and development typical of an American small town. LeVan is asking them to change the zoning to allow a racetrack and casino. Many Freedom Township residents oppose this project.

When or IF he gets the zoning, LeVan has until June 14, 2017, to apply to the PA Horse Racing Commission for the last remaining harness racing track. 

When or IF he gets a track license, he must apply to the PA Gaming Control Board for a casino license. WE MIGHT STOP HIM AT ANY STAGE but we must be persistent.

How You Can Help

  • Sign the petition going to the Freedom Township Supervisors, the PA State Horse Racing Commission, and the PA Gaming Control Board. These 3 groups are the decision makers.
  • One of the Standardbred racetrack application requirements is for LeVan to provide either copies of local zoning or land use approvals or a detailed explanation of the status of that request. (The requirement implies that the latter is sufficient for the application purposes, although undoubtedly the Commission would look more favorably on an application that had those approvals in hand.) We hope the Freedom Township Supervisors will not approve this application.
  • IF you live in Freedom Township send a personal letter to the Freedom Township Supervisors expressing your opposition. Their address is Freedom Township Supervisors, 2184 Pumping Station Rd
    Fairfield, PA 17320.  
  • At their last meeting on 3/8/2017 they referred the matter to the Freedom Twp. Planning commission to give them advice. The Planning Commission meets at 7PM Wed April 5. At this meeting the investors will present their plans to the planning commission. The Planning Commission will ask questions and take public comment and you can send them letters as well (Freedom Planning Commission, 2184 Pumping Station Road, Fairifeld, PA 17320) 
  • Thank you for donating to our cause.
  • TALK to your neighbors and friends about saving Gettysburg. Let people know how you feel about it. This will be part of your legacy.
  • Help us in person! We need people to help with website development, mailings, petition gathering in person, attending important meetings, speakers, research, organizing, etc. There is a place for you!  Go to Contact.

Help us financially. (Your donation is not tax deductible but it will make you feel great to Save Gettysburg.) Send a check to No Casino Gettysburg, PO Box 4210, Gettysburg, PA 17325. Or click below to pay with a credit/ debit card or PayPal: